About DeeDee

Even as an identical twin, DeeDee West knows that no two things are alike. Perhaps that’s what draws this Southern California native to comb the shorelines for unique and authentic sea tossed glass that has tumbled ashore.  Just as nature takes something mundane, like a broken bottle, and turns it into something beautiful, DeeDee takes these shards of glass and creates colorful and one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

DeeDee hand-picks and hand-makes each piece of her sea glass jewelry using her keen eye. It’s that same keen eye that allows DeeDee to capture treasures through her photography as well.   This website marries her two passions of photography and sea glass hunting.  Both captured treasured.

Two passions.  Endless possibilities.

Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to take a look around. Whether you take home a piece of sea glass or a photo, DeeDee hopes it brings you the same happiness it brought her the moment the treasure was captured.